calculator280x200This page is dedicated primarily to various things I have made for Cycling ’74’s Max/MSP/Jitter – a graphical programming environment for music and media. I have also included a listing of the most important standard objects which I made for the environment.  I consider them important mainly because they were created from a musician’s viewpoint, in order to address musical, pedagogical and interface shortcomings within the program at that time.

Max/MSP Patches and External Objects

  • scale~ – This is an MSP external which maps a range of values onto another range. Similar to the max “scale” object. This was supposed to have been included with Max 5, but as of Max 6 there is now a different scale~ object included with the distribution, so maybe my version is of limited or no use, although my help file may be of some interest, as it shows some practical and common musical uses of the object.) Available as a UB object for MaxMSP 4.6.x and 5.0.x on Mac OSX only.
  • mchain – This is an old “patcher as object” (i.e. abstraction) which uses the coll object to store and recall data to create markov chains with multiple orders (but with increasingly limited numerical ranges as the order increases). It was inspired by David Zicarelli’s ancient “Jam Factory” software publushed by Intelligent Music in the 1980s. Additionally, mchain is also able to format data for the standard Max “prob” object, and since it is just a patch (created with Max 3.x) it should work with any version of Max, on any platform (in theory). My original version of mchain was from 1993-ish, and this version dates from 2005.
  • more coming soon….

Max/MSP External Objects in the Standard Distribution

  • gizmo~ – A spectral-domain pitch-shifter based on the Laroche-Dolson model. (2002-3)
  • fbinshift~ – A spectral-domain frequency-shifter (bin-shifter with phase correction). (2002)
  • spectroscope~ – User interface object sonogram/spectrogram display. (2002)
  • levelmeter~ – Graphic signal level display with needle ballistics for VU, PPM, etc. (2002)
  • pfft~ – A suite of signal processing objects to facilitate spectral processing using an STFT (2000)
  • zplane~ – A pole-zero user interface for the biquad~ (second order filter) object. (2000)
  • swatch, panel, radiogroup – Some basic user interface tools which were needed in the program. (1998-9)
  • filtergraph~ – A frequency-amplitude graphic user interface used to control the biquad~ (second order filter) object. (1998-9)
  • nslider – A graphic user interface to display MIDI notes on the grand staff. (1996-8)
  • quickthresh – A robust, low latency and chord/grouped event detection object. (1996-8)


  • Max Manual 10 – Some Max users may be interested in this ancient Max Manual written by Miller Puckette which I recently uncovered and managed to salvage from its outdated file format. It corresponds to an early version of Max 2.0, and shows you how much Max has changed over the past quarter of a century.  This is the version of Max which I first learned to use…