Physical Modeling Synthesis of the Stone Chime Instrument “Pyeongyeong”


Jae-hyun Ahn, Richard Dudas


This paper is about the creation of a physical model of the traditional Korean stone chime instrument known as a “pyeongyeong” using Ircam’s Modalys software. This re- search focuses on creating a physical model that can be used in musical ways. In order to build the physical model, the instrument itself must be researched so its physical de- tails can be used as a foundation for the construction of the model. The goal is to create a virtual instrument that can be used for creative purposes in the context of contempo- rary/electronic music, in addition to being able to be used for compositions using traditional instruments, recording sessions and sound design for film scoring. The develop- ment of this model provides a good opportunity to allow the pyeongyeong – an instrument that is not easy to transport due to its physical size and weight – to be used in a wider international musical context.

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