Developing Real-Time Systems for Concert Performance


Richard Dudas


This artist talk describes the compositional and technical aspects of several of the author’s compositional projects using the Max/MSP graphical programming environment. Musical choices and audio signal processing technologies used in the context of a real-time performance system often have a tightly interwoven relationship: sometimes technological developments are motivated by musical necessity, and conversely the construction of some of musical material is a consequence of technological considerations. This will be elucidated through examples from the author’s series of preludes for flute, clarinet, and alto flute. In addition to discussing the signal processing effects used in these pieces, an important emphasis will also be made on the pitch tracking and score following techniques used.

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Published in:

  • Proceedings of the 2012 Australasian Computer Music Conference, Brisbane, Australia, 2012, pp. 121-124
  • ISSN: 1448-7780
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Where this paper has been cited:

  • Furniss, P., Dudas, R., “Transcription, Adaptation and Maintenance in Live Electronic Performance with Acoustic Instruments,” Proceedings of the Joint International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) and Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC), Athens, Greece, 2014.