An Overview of Computer Music in Korea [韓国のコンピュータ音楽概観]


Richard Dudas, Jongwoo Yim


During the past two decades, computer music has become increasingly prominent in both the university systems and on the musical scene in Korea. In the realm of higher education, many of the electronic and computer music programs in Korea are attached to music (and specifically composition) departments, but some universities have included computer music and music technology in slightly more technical programs of study. Generally speaking, these latter programs tend to focus on design, multimedia and the visual arts, whereas the former are generally focused on concert music, interactive performance with sensors, and laptop ensemble improvisation. Outside of the universities, in the realm of concert music, contemporary music ensembles have been slow to integrate technology, but in the past several years some local ensembles and festivals in Korea have been beginning to include music with technology in their concerts, often in collaboration with university studios. Unlike the United States, Europe and Japan, however, there has not yet been a concerted effort to develop the computational side of computer music. This is one potential area of development for the future – the creation of musically-focused degree programs in audio-engineering, DSP, and acoustics.

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