Fantasia on Lyun Joon Kim’s Elegy

On May 13, 2009, Dudas’ fantasia for alto saxophone and orchestra on Korean composer Lyun Joon Kim’s Elegy was premiered by saxophonist Sam-Jong Shim and the Hanyang University Symphony Orchestra under the direction of maestro Eunsong Park at the Seoul Arts Center on a memorial concert entitled “I Will Live among the Green Hills”. The piece was requested for this occasion by Hanyang University, of which Dr. Kim was the founder.


Moscow Autumn Festival

In November 2008, Dudas was invited to the Moscow Autumn 30th International Contemporary Music Festival, where two of his compositions for instrument and live electronics, Prelude No.1 for Flute and Computer and Prelude No. 2 for Clarinet and Computer, were performed on the Berkeley–Moscow concert on Saturday, 29 November. In conjunction with the festival, he also taught computer music workshops the week of November 24th, focusing on Cycling ’74’s Max/MSP software, at the Moscow P. I. Tschaikovsky Conservatory of Music’s Theremin Center.

2007 ICMC

On August 29th, Richard Dudas’ Prelude No. 2 for Clarinet and Computer was performed by clarinetist Peter Furniss at the Huset in Copenhagen, Denmark, on a Night Concert as part of the 2007 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC).  At the conference, he also presented a studio report which he co-authored with colleague Jongwoo Yim at Hanyang University, entitled “New Music Media at Hanyang University: Studio Report.”

Time Pieces CD Release

The UK-based Clarinet Classics label has released Time Pieces – 60 years of American music for clarinet and piano (CC00054). This CD features clarinetist Peter Furniss and pianist David Leiher Jones performing a variety of duo works from the 20th and 21st century American clarinet repertoire, including Richard Dudas’ Sonata for Clarinet and Piano. The CD will also be released in digital form via iTunes (tracks 8, 9 and 10).  A promotional launch concert for the CD is scheduled for the Fall in London.

2006 SICMF

On November 23, Richard Dudas’ Prelude No. 1 for Flute and Computer was given its Asian Première by flautist Sung-Hee Park at the first concert of the 2006 Seoul International Computer Music Festival (SICMF), in Seoul, South Korea.

In conjunction with the festival, Dudas also presented computer music seminars at Hanyang University in Seoul and at KAIST in Daejeon.

2006 Forum Neues Musiktheater Max/MSP/Jitter Workshops

From April 19 to 28, 2006, the Forum Neues Musiktheater in Stuttgart hosted the second annual series of Max/MSP/Jitter workshops at their venue at the Römerkastell in Bad Cannstatt. Richard Dudas was one of the presenters for the advanced workshops, alongside a larger contingent of presenters and teachers from both Cycling ’74 and IRCAM.

A series of concerts were held in the evenings as part of this year’s workshops. On the April 25th concert, clarinetist Peter Furniss premièred Dudas’ Prelude No. 2 for Clarinet and Computer, which was written for the occasion at the request of FNM director Andreas Breitscheid.