Esquisse (in memoriam Jean-Claude Risset)


Richard Dudas – Esquisse (in memoriam Jean-Claude Risset) for piano and computer (2019)

Music ©2019 Richard Dudas. Performed by Jared Redmond, piano.

Additional Information

The computer part is realized with a “patch” (i.e. software program) running in the software Max/MSP from Cycling ’74 Inc., and is available only in a stereo version.

Program Notes

Esquisse  (for piano and computer) is a standalone composition written as a preliminary sketch (“esquisse”) for a larger projected work dedicated to the memory of computer music pioneer Jean-Claude Risset (1938-2016). The electronic part is comprised of the live piano sound blended seamlessly into a modified Karplus-Strong synthesis algorithm which together are modified with a bank of specially-designed spectral filters. Approximate duration: 6’.