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2014 ICMC

Richard Dudas’ participation in the 2014 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Athens, Greece included both a musical work and a scholarly paper. On Sept 17, 2014, percussionist Patti Cudd performed Prelude for Percussion and Computer at the conference’s late night concert venue – the National Bank of Greece’s Old Bourse building.  The following day, Dudas and clarinettist Pete Furniss presented their co-authored paper, “Transcription, Adaptation and Maintenance in Live Electronic Performance with Acoustic Instruments,” at the conference’s afternoon poster session.

Electronic Music and Sound Design Vol. II

Richard Dudas’ English translation of Volume II of Electronic Music and Sound Design – Theory and Practice with Max and MSP by Alessandro Cipriani and Maurizio Giri was published in January, 2014 and is now available for purchase directly from the ConTempoNet website, linked above. Both volumes provide a fantastic in-road to learning the techniques of computer music and how these techniques can be applied to musical projects using the Max/MSP environment – highly recommended!!

2007 ICMC

On August 29th, Richard Dudas’ Prelude No. 2 for Clarinet and Computer was performed by clarinetist Peter Furniss at the Huset in Copenhagen, Denmark, on a Night Concert as part of the 2007 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC).  At the conference, he also presented a studio report which he co-authored with colleague Jongwoo Yim at Hanyang University, entitled “New Music Media at Hanyang University: Studio Report.”